Nestle A+ Digital Strategy

  • Nestle a+ Milk
  • The Challenge
    Tobuild an engagingand disruptive digitalplatform for Nestlé’s a+ Milk•Thecommunication should be targeted towards Indian mothers, the decision makers as far ashousehold is concerned•Thecommunication should position a+ milk as a pure, trustworthy and optimumquality product•Thecommunication should also be able to break away from the clutter, whileingraining the insight into the TG that the product is meant for everyone, andis good for everyone

    The Insight
    Outof sight, out of mindWe tend to forget the real issues oncethe news channels stop reporting them or newspapers stop covering them. Theissue remains.

    The Solution
    “Itis best to buy milk from a renowned source. For those who can, buying milk soldby reputed companies in tetra packs is also a good option”
  • Banner concept - If it isn't 100% pure, It's 100% gibberish.
  • The idea to spill the milk on the facts surrounding milk adulteration was necessary. Often when the media attention is removed on a subject, it often disappears from our minds. We wanted to bring back the attention to the facts and remind the users that packaged milk is safe milk. 
  • (pure first mock for presentation) The glass of milk and milk liquid to be generated in 3D.