Nadia Lafranconi/Italian Style

  • Nadia Lafranconi/Italian Style

  • Nadia Lanfranconi's Italian Style is a photographic character study of Italian actress, Nadia Lanfranconi. Initially, the artwork was created to be included as one of the ten chapters in our high-end alcohol and spirits book called 'Premium Blend'. Her sexy portrait complimented the seductiveness of the Italian beverage, Fernet Branca. However, once the final image was selected for that single purpose, we re-examined the work to build a small collection of portraits that showcased her personality and character. With a distinct direction of key light coming from the top, the lighting created the perfect mood for Nadia to take direction while also letting her true character shine through. These images were enhanced with a polaroid treatment in post-production to obtain an almost "weathered" style and look. You can find Nadia on IMDB.