Created: 11/21/12
Last Edited: 09/05/13
Selection of designs commissioned by Nike USA.
  • Designs commissioned by NIKE USA, One Bowerman Drive, Oregon.
    Art direction by Amy Meservier, Colin Strandberg, Meleah Rutherford, Christopher DeGaetano,
    Mark Thede, and Quentin Nguyen.
    Just Do It
    Nike JDI Glow in the Dark OpArt T-shirt
    Nike 1897 Forza Juve
    Official fan T-shirt and designs for the Juventus Football Club
    Nike Juventus Official Product
    Nike Juventus Official T-Shirt featuring the Club's mascot and stars
    as well as the uniform stripes effect on the mascot

    Nike Cortez
    Tee graphic of the 1972 Cortez — Outsole pattern
    Nike Olympics Series
    Limited Edition graphics released during the 2012 Olympics.
    The idea was to highlight some of Nike’s most significant moments within the Olympics most recent history as well as to create some generic retro-looking graphics of the Olympics iconography.
    Three iconic moments were selected. #1 — the billboard Nike put up in LA featuring Carl Lewis right before the 1984 Olympics began. #2 — the golden Nike shoes Michael Johnson wore when he broke the world record in Atlanta 1996, and #3 — the unforgettable Dream Team, with players such as Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Scottie Pippen, Magic Johnson, Karl Malone, and Pat Ewing in the Barcelona Olympics of 1992.
    Nike Olympics 2012
    Michael Johnson — Atlanta 1996
    Nike Olympics 2012
    Carl Lewis — LA 1984 & Dream Team USA — Barcelona 1992
    Roger Federer Nike Trophy Tee
    Roger Federer Trophy T-shirt design — Roland Garros 2013

    Nike Speed Vs Nike LA

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