Mexican tradition

  • Mexican traditions in art
    Photo, digital art, canvas print and hand free finish.
  • Charro Country, (update february 6, 2012)

  • The Run
  • The Rope
  • Magic
  • Isabel rides in the "Escaramuza"
  • The "Pial"
  • The eye of  "Jarocho"
  • Cowboys vs charros
  • History
  • The origin of the art
  • Festivity, color, action, fear, the "Charro" tradition gives to me many sensations.
    The pictures that I take gives to me more experience, more reasons to make art. This is the origin of the idea, when I take the picture I don't know the final process. It comes with the time.
  • Mexico, the country of the "Charros". (Photo: Emilio Garcia)
  • Tordillo
  • The race for the Victory
  • Other images of my country
  •  Anxiety
  • Zacapoaxtla