Mexican tradition

  • Mexican traditions in art
    Photo, digital art, canvas print and hand free finish.
  • The Charreria in Mexico is one of the most antique tradition, it combines art, sport and a love for the horses, the action, the honor, the family. The art work combines digital photo, free hand digital art, color print process, and the final touch by hand, make the art unique and original.  This is some that I loved, but my work explores many ways. 
  • Charro Country, (update february 6, 2012)

  • The Run
  • The Rope
  • Magic
  • Isabel rides in the "Escaramuza"
  • The "Pial"
  • The eye of  "Jarocho"
  • Cowboys vs charros
  • History
  • The origin of the art
  • Festivity, color, action, fear, the "Charro" tradition gives to me many sensations.
    The pictures that I take gives to me more experience, more reasons to make art. This is the origin of the idea, when I take the picture I don't know the final process. It comes with the time.
  • Mexico, the country of the "Charros". (Photo: Emilio Garcia)
  • The photo gives me the action, motivates the art.
  • Tordillo
  • The race for the Victory
  • Other images of my country
  •  Anxiety
  • Zacapoaxtla