Meet our new friend Ollie!

Created: 04/16/13
Last Edited: 11/16/13
Meet our new friend Ollie!
He’s just been hired by bankwest to be the new fluffy face and feathered body of their business advertising in Australia.
He’s likeable, smart and quick-witted and has the business experience to boot.
Our Ollie was dreamt up by Host Sydney, born from our CGI maternity ward, and grew up to have a little bit of all of our personalities, with a dash of Stephen Fry’s dry humour and the business savvy of Mark Bouris.
He’s obviously an all native australian barn owl but has some real human traits and a personality and character all of his own.
Everything had to be created in 3D from scratch. We started by modelling a skeleton, then skin, fur and feathers, all individually placed, and finally his eyes and funky glasses… Along each step of the way, everything had to be connected and ‘rigged’ so that Ollie could be posed in a realistic manner.
In some executions this meant working out how a real owl with a wingspan 2-3 times the length of this body could be posed in to human-like stances.
  • Meet our new friend Ollie!
    The Bankwest Business Owl
  • character creation, CGI & retouching: Limehouse creative
    CGI artist: Adam Burnett

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