McDonald's | HappyTable

Created: 07/19/13
Last Edited: 05/31/14
To an adult, McDonald’s is just another restaurant. But to a child, it is more than that – it’s a magical funhouse. A table can be a racetrack, a chair can a horse, a tap can be a waterfall. Children are limited purely by their imagination and sense of wonder. So, to promote the HappyMeal brand, we decided to connect with children in a special way - their way. And so, we reimagined our restaurants the way a child would.

  • Launched in April 2013 • Creatives: Khalid Osman, Lester Lee, Ken Choo, Elen Winata, Wu Yangwei • Cannes Lions 2013: Media Finalist • Spikes Asia 2013: Mobile Finalist • AdStars 2013: Crystal

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