• Maaemo is an ecological gourmet restaurant in Oslo, Norway. The cuisine of Maaemo is Nordic/Scandinavian, and the name derives from Finnish language meaning “Mother Earth”. The restaurant has a Norwegian owner, Danish cook and a Finnish sommelier, so it is truly a Scandinavian collaboration.

    The design for Maaemo is inspired by Scandinavian nature and architecture. The design reflects on lines, shapes, rhythm and light creating a poetic, Nordic modernism.

    This project was made in collaboration
    between Torgeir Hjetland and Ludvig Bruneau Rossow,
    while working at Uniform Strategic Design, Oslo.
  • Set table with view
  • Folded menu
  • Unfolded menu
  • Close up of menu
  • Folder + menu + paper bag + goodie bag + business card + hang tags + embossing tool
  • Folder with information on food suppliers for the restaurant
  • Paper bag
  • Wine list on iPad with wooden frame + Folder
  • Set table with folded menu
  • Wall decoration: Interpretation of the lines from the letter/receipt and menu
  • Toilet with walls of shale stone
  • Business card
  • Unfolded letter/receipt
  • Close up of letter/receipt with lines working both as instructions on how to fold and decoration
  • Folded letter/receipt
  • Envelope
  • Menu and plate