Love Love Me do

  • Love Me doSome of my illustrations done in period of the end of 2010 - beginning 2011
  • Korean Band
    Lullaby single, CD Cover
  • Russian Language for KidsBook Cover
  • My dream to begin illustrating children book started to become true!
  • OctobotExchange any things online
  • Client: Konfeta Studio, Art Director: Andrew Piankoff
  • Gordei Style Coffee HouseWi-Fi start page at cafes
  • This illustration was made from Gordei sketch.Client wanted his style, but Andrey was out of schedule asked me to finish it.Gordei is the best international illustrator
  • Vivat King!Children Stationery Store
  • Idea and art direction by Katya Maleev
  • Management MagazineEditorial
  • Agency: Kotetkat, France
  • Central Station
    Gay Club Poster
  • You can see them bigger in my blog
  • Hungarian Kings & QueenPortraits for some textile products
  • For Falra Webshop (Hungary)
  • Humberto SuazoSoccer Player Portrait
  • Client: Cristian López Herrera
    For the book about Colo Colo:
  • International Matryoshka DollsAdvert characters made in Summer 2010 for some secret project
  • Different Networks FriendsAdvert illustration made in Autumn 2010
  • Beeline Lighthouse
    40 meters tower
  • Agency: Lowe Adventa, art-director: Katerina Chaykovskaya, art buyer: Tatyana Evetskaya, production: Catzwolf
  • StoryboardsMy first one. They asked me to draw as quick as possible in my style.
  • Agency: Lowe Adventa & Catzwolf Production
  • Happy FreshFruits and Characters in love for Fresh Juices brand
  • Idea by Katya Maleev, Art Direction by Dmitry Sklyarov, made for
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