Lifesavers Gummies: Ring Shot Game

  • Lifesavers Gummies: Ring Shot Game
  • Ring Shot was the third game in our Life Savers Gummies® More Fun For Your Mouth™ suite, created to provide fans with a simple, addictive diversion that was easy to learn, but tough to master – and full of the playful, colorful Gummies spirit.

    Ring Shot tests the laws of physics and gravity. In this game, fans choose one of five Gummies and launch it as far into the sky as possible. Each of the Five Flavors—Cherry, Strawberry, Watermelon, Blackberry and Green Apple—has a distinct personality and different strengths and weaknesses. As each ring flies, fans collect points to buy power boosts and upgraded launchers to send the Gummies farther and higher with each new game. Repeat play is encouraged as points accumulate over time and medals are awarded for game achievements. Fans can also share their scores, challenging their Facebook friends to try and beat them.

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