Life is good

Created: 07/12/12
Last Edited: 06/28/13
Description was designed to be a hub of optimism, a destination that would become the definitive reflection of the Life is good brand. Life is good is primarily known as the t-shirt company that makes "those shirts with the little stick figure guy on them," but we knew they had a greater message to offer the world. Our goal: To make taking an optimistic action – sharing, donating, volunteering – irresistible to site visitors. To do this, Fluid conceptualized, designed, and built the new website with seamless transitions between content, commerce, community and charity. The new digital presence is a beautiful representation of how the company fulfills its mission of spreading optimism.

For a deeper dive into the strategy and thinking that went into this project, Fast Company wrote an amazing story on Life is good and their mission of spreading optimism. Read it here:

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