Lexia Tools for Dyslexics.

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    Tools for Dyslexics
  • Lexia is a website dedicated to helping those with dyslexia. By taking a realistic look at dyslexia, the site focuses on several key overlooked areas that hold potential to help dyslexic individuals. This site features in-depth solutions from actual dyslexics, a Twitter feed, and a mentorship program intended to bolster self-esteem and enhance coping skills. At Lexia, new media has been coupled with traditional media to create a fresh and interesting information-sharing community for dyslexics.

    Lexia's mobile component is the app, intended to serve as a dyslexic's personal tool kit. In the app, dyslexics will find a series of tools to help them navigate the world, including a photo-based tip calculator, spell checker and Jumbler. Jumbler uses existing technology to mimic the effects of dyslexia. When reading, dyslexic's minds will unconsciously move letters out of place, making reading challenging. Jumber uses the camera in your phone or tablet to pre-jumble letters and words to match a dyslexic individual's unique way of seeing, making reading easier. Whether on the world wide web or through our mobile app, Lexia will have you seeing the world in a whole new way.
  • Lexia aims to become a comnbantion of dyslexic suport and tools to aid in world navigation. To do that I needed to see what was out there in terms of tools and how to bring it all together.
  • Main page with Twitter feed and navagation
  • Games and tools page. Games help to keep the mind moving and growing with skill sets that are harder for dyslexics. often tease brain teaser are un-fun and clinical, re positioning them as games will make them less tedious.
  • People keep asking why is everything on the page so blue? The answer is simple, Irlen Syndrome, "Individuals with Irlen Syndrome seem to see words that are blurry, have patterns or appear to move on the page. As the individual continues to read, the problem seems to worsen. Colored overlays and filters are used to help individuals with Irlen Syndrome because they sometimes appear to reduce the perceptual distortions and visual stress experienced by 'some' children during reading." Adding the ability to change the background color behind text in the settings menue will help with navagation. The project strives to serve as a many people as we can.
  • Start up
  • How to get to Jumber
  • If you would like to help make lexia a reality with funding or programing we are always looking for contributor.