Ladybag Phils. In-Store Visuals

  • Project: In-Store Illustrations for Ladybag Philippines
    Client: Primer Group of Companies 
    Ladybag Philippines is a new concept store by Primer Group of Companies that carries various ladies' bags ('affordable luxury' brands) and accessories. Primer Group is my first ever local client since I began my freelance career in 2012 and I was very excited to take part of the project even though it was also a first fashion illustration project.
    The brief was to create female illustrations wearing 5 different types of bags (tote, satchel, messenger bag, hobo & shoulder bag). It was a challenge since most of my projects are usually floral patterns and incorporating illustrations into typefaces. But, it ended up great. I was thankful for Primer Group of Companies for trusting me the visuals for their new store.
    The illustrations were first displayed on their new store in Metro Manila.
  • Alternative Versions
  • Approved Final Illustrations in Black & White
  • Close-Up Sketches
  • Illustrations used as In-Store Posters 
    Glorietta 5, Level 2 Branch
    Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Illustrations by Daryl Feril
    2013 ©Primer Group of Companies
    Ladybag Philippines