La Compagnia Del Relax

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    Corporate Identity

    La Compagnia Del Relax is an italian travel agency based in Italy and Turkey that manages trips around Turkey and generally Asia.

    The company express a movement called slow travelling, meaning that the company offers a state of mind which allows travellers to engage more fully with communities along their route, often favouring visits to spots enjoyed by local residents rather than merely following guidebooks. Places that are supposed to be visited in two days, La Compagnia offers 8 days showing the travellers all the hidden beauties, without the pressure of time. For instance, they offer seminars of relax like yoga, ride - horsing, at the top of mountains such as Ararat mountain or Kackar mountain, flying with parachutes in Kapadokya, seminars of photography and sight-seeing at places of great natural beauty, inspiring peaceful and not stressful moments.
    Special thanks to:
    Andrea Dattoli
    Chrysa Plakioti