• One Design is a instilational piece made for the Samsung UK flagship store in Westfields Shopping Centre. We were commissioned to design and create a vast 5.5m by 2.5m mural which would be the base for 3 of their brand new near edgeless TV's, within which we animated part of the image which fell within the screens. The result is the effect of the TV's bringing the image to life. 

    The piece creates 2 worlds apart in the same city. Based in a near future the project explores the development of the 'hyper capital' and the suburban 'favelas'. Both exist to metophorically and stylistically oppose the other. 

    Within the TV's we animated the buildings, foliage, wind farms and created weather changes, all of which added to the effect.  
    The concepts explored in this piece are illustrative of a film project in development for 2012. 
  • Londons: Spring version
  • Londons: Autumn option
  • Image development: showing from the original large format photograph to the composited final image. 
  • Rendered ellements
  • Ambient occlusion pass. 
  • Zdepth pass.