Experts have called LifeProof the best of all the iPhone and iPad cases because of it's 4 key "proofs" - waterproof, dirt-proof, snow-proof and shock-proof, but there's much more to it than that. Unlike other cases, LifeProof offers a sleek low profile that barely increases the size of your device. Your iPhone or iPad is not only protected, it keeps the same slim look.  LifeProof iPhone and iPad case are also supported by an array of action mounts and accessories that let you get the most from your device.
    Below are images  created for Lifeproof packaging and advertising.
    Each image portrays the key "proofs" with the use of color and imagery along
    with telling the story of active Lifeproof users. 
    art direction: David Oldfield
    cgi & retouching: Mike Campau
  • iPhone 5 Frē Packaging Art
    iPhone 5 Accessories Packaging art
  • armband
  • belt clip
  • bike mount
  • car mount
  • lifejacket
    iPad Mini Frē Case & Accesories
  • New iPhone 5 Nüüd and Galaxy Art
    Exploration on White
    for Nüüd Brand
    POP Display Art
    4 PROOF Scenario Art
    Water, Dirt, Snow, Shock