What if by choosing the right pair of jeans, you could help save up to 16 million liters of water every year?* This was the question posed to us by Levis. They had an insight that the average pair of Levi's® jeans uses 42 liters of water per washing process and wanted m ssn g p eces to help tell their consumers about the revolutionary Levi's® Waterless™ line which uses up to 96% less water in the manufacturing process.  

    The Levi's Waterless™ line might sound like a simple numbers game, but we wanted to find a way to engage Levi’s consumers to help them see beyond that and help them understand that by making the right choice, we can all be part of the solution.

    As part of the campaign Levi’s asked people to wash their jeans less, so we enlisted a team of young artists to take over a laundromat and use found materials to animate the Waterless™ story. We took what on paper was a simple bunch of boring facts and turned them into a fun and quirky stop-motion film. By riffing on some of the most popular styles in stop-motion around today we introduced the world to the Waterless philosophy in a fun and engaging way.

    The Waterless film was posted on the Levi’s site and Facebook fan page and quickly generated a lot of discussion in many influential eco, trend and animation blogs. The Waterless campaign made a big splash on the internet by taking ordinary facts and presenting them in an new and extraordinary way. 

    To deliver the message to people in the wider world, we took to the streets of NYC for World Water Day and marched with hundreds of regular New Yorkers to symbolize the 3.7 mile walk that millions of people in developing countries are forced to undertake every day to collect drinking water. We  then created an art piece in Union Square where water canisters spelled out  the #waterless tag and generated buzz all over the city about the Waterless cause.

    Together, the video and the World Water Day walk successfully increased brand awareness and generated thousands of comments as well as over 200k views on the videos.

    Agency: m ss ng p eces & Myoo
    Production Company: m ss ng p eces
    Director: Josh Nussbaum
    Creative Director: Josh Nussbaum
    Copywriter: Jeremy Lubman
    Executive Producer: Ari Kuschnir
    Director of Strategy: Kate Oppenheim

    Executive Producer: David De Rothschild
    Project Manager: Rebecca Petzel

    Producer: Brian WelshProduction Supervisor: Soundis AzaizOffice PA: Ali MadelkornArt Director: Dark Igloo Lead Art: Rob EbeltoftWardrobe: Ali Mandelkorn2nd AD: Owen O’LearyDirector of Photography: Josh NussbaumAnimators: Lucas Borras, Carlota Santamaria, Jordan Bruner, Brooke McDaniel. Taili Wu, Rebecca Adorno Davila, Owen Cook, Daniel Martens1st Assistant Camera: Clair PopkinCamera Animator: Stephen DirkesGaffer: Michael YetterBest Boy Electric: Justin BennettKey Grip: Matt WalkerLead Compositor: Eric EpsteinCompositor: John StanchMusic: Julio Monterrey, Michelle Perez, Andrew Raposo, Morgan Wiley & Jeffrey BrodskyRecorded at: Midnight Sun StudiosEditing: Jordan FishSound Design: Roar Olsen at Tonemestrene