• Koken
    Identity & Promotional Items

    Koken is a CMS and development platform aimed at offering photographers, designers and artists a different kind of publishing experience. One that is focused primarily on images, can be used on your own web server, and offers robust publishing tools for fully customizable websites.
A koken is a stage assistant in traditional Japanese theater. They work behind-the-scenes handling scenery, props and assisting actors.

    Our project for Koken encompassed the design of their full identity system. For the Koken marque - we based the distribution of the type within the square on the idea of the 'O' taking center stage - supported by the surrounding characters. The 'O' represents the focal point, the placement of the lens on a camera and the artist (whether it be the user of the CMS or the main actor of a Nôh theater) at the center of his creative work.

    Other partners for the Koken project include icon designer Jon Hicks and 100 Monkeys, who came up with the name. 
    Please visit our website for bigger images and more work: