KI Furniture Showroom Typographic Treatments

  • KI Furniture is headquartered out of Green Bay, Wisconsin. In 2012, KI launched Lightline, a moveable glass wall system dedicated to the enhancement of light. To promote the new product and name at Neocon 2012, the “Lightline” type treatment was molded out of white acrylic and suspended in the center of the product (four glass walls). Light was allowed to infuse the space and interact with the type treatment. Three other new product lines were also rolled out—Hub, Affina and Grazie. White walls with molded acrylic letterforms used the magic of light to broaden the showroom’s theme, while also telling specific stories about these product lines.
  • Recognition:
    HOW International Design Annual
    Merit Award 2013
    signage and wayfinding
    Best of NeoCon Silver award
    winner for Lightline™ movable glass wall system 2012
    AIGA Nebraska The Show 21
    Best of Show and Gold Award 
    Signs II • Publication
    Liaoning Science and Technology Publishing House 
  • Creative Director: Ron Sack; Writer: Cliff Watson; Designer: Brandon Oltman; Finish Artist: Joe Liebentritt; Production Managers: Gayle Adams and Michelle Sukup, Account Director: Roman Paluta; Project Manager: Jennifer Kros-Dorfmeyer