JetBlue | Mobile App

  • JetBlue | Mobile App
  • The JetBlue mobile app was created to give JetBlue customers a more seamless travel process. Serving as a personal travel companion, this app allows users to book and track flights, check in, see itineraries, manage upcoming trips, receive notifications and much more. JetBlue went even further by adding some additional fun utilities to the app in a section called "fun stuff". Fun stuff allows users to create a custom postcards with several messages and filters as well as download branded wallpapers. The user can share and send their post card with friends and families.

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  • Core Team:
    Charles Bae - Exec CD
    Chung Ng - Exec UX
    Akiko Rokube - Sr UX designer
    Lorrain Tobbias - Account Director
    Jenna Robles - Sr Producer
    Developers - Double Encore
    Produced at ROKKAN 2012