JACK TV Re-Imaging 2010

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  • Back in 2010, JackTV wanted a channel-wide rebrand that allows them to transition from being a purely men's channel to a full entertainment channel. They had a whole slew of new programs under them that are part drama, comedy & romance, in addition to the action-packed shows that they were currently running.

    They approached our studio to design a rebrand that encapsulates all of these new genres without looking like a hodge-podge of different visual directions. The old branding of the channel featured the main visual of a highly-animated bomb element, and the client also want the rebrand to kind of hit at this tangentially.

    What we came up with is the station ID that you see above, which had us playing the C4D's dynamics for the first time.

    Launched December 2010.
    Client: JackTV / Solar Entertainment Corporation
    Design, Direction & Animation: The Acid House
    Original Score: Reev Robledo
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