International Theatre Festival DIFFERENT SITUATIONS

  • International Theatre Festival
  • Complex labelling of the International Theatre Festival DIFFERENT SITUATIONS(Międzynarodowy Festiwal Teatralny INNE SYTUACJE). The project included logo, poster,postcard, bill and badge designing. The layout is very minimalist, both in terms of graphic andformal means, as well as colour scheme practically reduced to black and white. The simplicityof form corresponds with the assumption of the event, which was to present theatre as anart based of pure and simple presence of an actor, deprecating unnecessary splendour ofspectacular effects. The raster used in the background is derived from the venue logo. Therecurring circle motives represent simple spotlights, but also, developed into mathematicsets in various configurations or talk bubbles, refer to the thesis that theatre is always adialogue of artists and spectators resulting in different degrees of mutual understanding.