Interactive / Nike Running Product specials

Created: 06/27/13
Last Edited: 08/14/14
Due to new product launches we created some small but mighty product specials for our client Nike and their brand presentation within the Runners Point brandshop. Because we were bound to the pretty strict external ecommerce Platform boundaries, we searched for ways to nice things up a little and not only reach the clients needs but also create a great product experience for the user within the partnerstore.
To get a twist between classic image presentation and a rich digital product experience, we got rid of all Borders, or at least of as most as possible and instead used a very Reduced Product presentation which fully focuses one single product on each site instead of several products. Additionally we put in some nice Fullscreen Backgrounds which were as responsive as possible and enriched with some particle Animations to support the key campaign look.Via several Hotspots on each Product it was possible to get detailed information on each product feature.
On the Lunar Eclipse for example, we put in a second Layer underneath so that via Mouseover you hat a Kinde seethrough-effect.

The interactive Tutorial opens on click and describes all special-features.

The focus of these products was on its lightweight and water-resistance, so we made them look a bit translucent and luminous. Through adding some kind of floating water particles and lens flares, we created a bad-weather mood what lead to a way more blasting product experience than your usual classic ecommerce product presentations.

Agency: demodern digital design studio
Client: Nike Germany
Concept, Art-Direction & Design: Daniel Schroermeyer
Creative Direction: Thomas Junk
Development: Florian Wögerer

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