Illustrating Calvino's "Invisible Cities".

  • Illustrating Calvino's "Invisible Cities"
    A Mi-Master Illustration master class held in Milan, Italy.  February, 2012
  •      The project was to illustrate 'LE CITTÀ INVISIBILI' ('INVISIBLE CITIES') by Italo Calvino. A difficult task; in fact sort of a bet, considering the author's doubts: "how can "Invisible Cities" be illustrated?" he wondered "they're invisible!"
         This proposal of mine is incomplete, as it should have 11 images for each series, thus 55 images in all, one for each city. It is but one idea added to the clever, imaginative and humbling proposals by my students in Milan. I thank them for their exciting inspiration and hard work. It will be my pleasure to send every portfolio to Mrs. Esther Calvino, for her appreciation.

         Le projet consistait en l'illustration des 'VILLES INVISIBLES' d'Italo Calvino. Une prpposition difficile, un pari même, si l'on considère les doutes de l'auteur: "Comment peut-on illustrer 'Les villes invisibles" disait-il "puisqu'elles sont invisibles?!"
         Mon projet est incomplet. Il doit compter en tout 11 images par type de ville, soit 55 images, une par ville. Il n'est qu'une idée ajoutée aux projets tout à fait pertinents et imaginatifs - une leçon de modestie - de mes étudiants à Milan. Je les remercie pour leur riche inspiration et la détermination dont ils ont fait preuve. Ce sera avec plaisir que je soumettrai leurs portfolios à l'appréciation de Madame Esther Calvino.
  •      "Invisible Cities" consists of  55 cities, divided into 11 series, thus 5 specific cities are included in each series.  
         My proposal would include 1painting per series, thus resulting in 11 basic paintings.
         Each of these 11 paintings would be reproduced in 5 different color harmonies, thus resulting in 55 different images (1 per city).

         My project (below) is incomplete as it shows only 3 of the 11 series (with 5 cities in each series) namely:
    -The Cities and the Deads (5 imagess).
    -The Cities and the Signs (5 images).
    -The Cities and Memories (5 images).