Identity For Gaming Network

  • – the largest Russian gaming portal, a social network for gamers based on the RPG gameplay model. Modern gaming is a wide phenomenon: dragons, bandits, cars, knights, aircrafts ... Our gamer is free to choose his own reality  and personalize his gaming space. The idea of diversity and personalization is the basis fora new identity. now is not just a portal, it is "my". The old logo was created in heraldic style. This graphical method is derived for a new identity.
    The library of branded images was created in 5 themes. In the future we would like to expand the library with the possibility of adding elements by users. Corporate identity revealed another possibility for using branded images.We created a font which is used in promotional materials, corporate identity and design.
  • Who make it?
    Erohnovich Roma, art-direction, design
    Stanislav Linus, 3D, render
    Krutskikh Sveta, Head of PR
    Andrey Zagudaev, Editor-In-Chief
    Alexander Baryshnikov, Development Director
    Kolesnikov Oleg, Commercial Director