ISHR ‘The Shoot Banner’

  • Our aim was to draw people’s attention to human rights violations and to encourage the general public to find out more at
    We used the thing users most often do when an advertising banner pops up: as usual, without much thought, they click the banner closed. But to achieve our aim, we used a little trick: The german word for ‘Close’ is ‘Schliessen’. Leaving out one of the letters in the middle makes it into a completely different word: ‘Schiessen’, the german word for ‘Shoot’.
    On Human Rights Day we launched an online banner showing a prisoner, and replaced the label ‘Schliessen’ (Close) with ‘Schiessen’ (Shoot). When users clicked the banner closed – as they always do – the prisoner was shot to death.
    The message: You share the guilt when you ignore human rights violations.
  • Headline: Help us in the fight for human rights. Button: Support now!
  • Client: International Society for Human Rights
    Agency: Jung von Matt AG, Germany
    Creative Directors: Jacques Pense, Michael Ohanian
    Art Director: Ralf Richter
    Copywriter: Norman Scholl
    Account Manager: Christine Seelig, Frank Hagner
    Photographer: Julia Werner
    Programmer: Stefanie Hezinger
    Producer Agency: Gun Aydemir, Thomas Lupo
    Published: 2010
  • Awards
    DDP Award: Gold
    DMMA Onlinestar: Bronze