ISEM — Educación Responsiva

  • ISEM
    Instituto Superior de Especialidades de Monterrey.
    ISEM is a new Institute specialized in graduate degree education. We designed a strong and fresh brand for them, as well as all the required stationary for their kick-off campaign.

    Responsive education, for an ever-changing environment.

    ISEM (Instituto Superior de Especialidades de Monterrey) specializes in graduate degree education, through the design of innovative study plans and interesting hacks that allow students to obtain degrees in more compact periods of time. Most of the contents are early responses to recent changes in education policies and practices in our country.

    We helped them shape their brand promise around this value proposition: a responsive and accelerated form of education, custom built for next generation teachers and educators. To communicate this promise, we built upon a visually compelling identity; and the voice of a young guru, eloquent and savvy —but quite pragmatical.

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  • A quite simple, yet meaningful approach
    The way ISEM adds value to their students, is by hacking how building blocks of the study plan stack on each other, in order to optimize length of courses and degree completion. The identity plays with that idea of blocks, geometry and optimization: through a simplified version of an official shield.
    The anatomy of this simple geometry gives an excuse to generate iconography and visual extensions such as lines and grids to place information on posters and other collateral materials.
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