IKSTART by IKEA Business

    To connect IKEA Business with starting entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, IKEA and Lemz produced an online platform that combines smart tips from successful and established Dutch entrepreneurs with knowledge and experience from the IKEA brand. Over the course of 100 days, /IKSTART provides new entrepreneurs with relevant advice.
    In this project I was in charge of Photography, from art direction, capture to retouch and post-production. I visited the entrepreneurs in there work place and photographed them in there environment using only natural light. I developed multiple times each RAW picture in order to achieve the most information and deaper global content on each image.
  • Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten - Founder of THE NEXT WEB
  • Ellen Rijntjes - Founder of Shoe Label FAB
  • Marja Ruigrok - Founder of the Research Company Ruigrok | Netpanel
  • Don Kouwenhoven - Founder of Perfumerie MOOI
  • Klaas Weima - Director of the Advertising Agency Energize
  • Erwin Hijhuis - Founder of Tassenkoning.nl
  • Pepijn Rijks - Owner of Heat
  • Ally Derks - Director of IDFA Film Festival
  • Derrick Neleman - Founder of the Contemporary Wine Cellar By the Grape
  • Anne van Dam - Founder of Image Consultancy Blond Republic
  • Marque Joosten - Founder of Funda.nl and Auto.nl
  • Mascha Feoktistova - Founder of the blog BeautyGloss.nl
  • Mathys van Abbe - Founder of Mobypicture
  • Kalo Bagijn - Director from the insurance company Brand New Day
  • Mira Ahles - Founder of the online magazine Trotsemoeders.nl