ID & Web For Gaming Media

    Media (plural of medium) - a substance that transfer effects.
    Medium (lat.) - middle, medium-between.

    Gaming мedia is a group of young and enthusiastic specialists dealing in development of online projects of new generation. The company’s key project is portal, which combines the features of a social net and browser role play. Gaming media analyze the market and find new channels of communication to build long-term relationships with the customer. Dynamism, modernity and adaptability is the basic brand position.

    Communicational channel (tube) is the basic element of the company's visual system. It has a lot of options to use without losing the identity. Visual system primarily focused on digital.

  • Who make it?

    Erohnovich Roma, art-direction, design 
    Pavel Saksin, font design
    Vlad Tabachnikov, 3d, modeling, render
    Stanislav Kharlamenkov, 3d, modeling, render
    Evgeniy Negometyanov, javascript, coding
    Alex Kanov, programing
    Danil Masich, photosession