I am Pharmacist, dir. Mike Mills

  • Target Healthcare 2011

    This year’s Target Healthcare & Wellness campaign takes real-life Target Pharmacists and turns them into superhuman Sneeze Whisperers, Medical De-jargonizers and Nose Coaches. If you’re stuffy, sniffly or sneezy, Target Pharmacy has just the Face Unclogger who can help.
  • Credits:
    Art Director/Design: Nate Miller
    Copywriter: Brian Murphy
    Creative Directors: Guy Seese, Kathy Hepinstall, Chris Mitton
    Exec. Creative Directors: Mark Fitzloff, Susan Hoffman
    Agency Producer: Melanie Fedunok
    Director: Mike Mills
    Production Co.: The Director's Bureau
    Editor: Angus Wall
    Editing: Rock Paper Scissors
    Photographer (Portraits): Grant Delin
    Studio Artist: Alisha Henson
    Studio Manager: Michael Frediani
    Project Manager: Brian Mork
    Account Team: Jaime Komitor, Jennifer Richardi, Brooke-Lynn Luat, Rachal Parker