Hello, Trouble.

  • Hello, Trouble.
  • Two years ago Mutt repositioned Gerber as a relentless problem solver that inspired a new logo, identity, packaging, e-commerce website, “Unstoppable” messaging and now the campaign to support it all. Launching with “The Instant,” a film showcasing the versatility of the everyday knife, the “Hello, Trouble” campaign focused on real people doing their real jobs. People who face trouble head-on every day. Since launch, Gerber has seen a 75% increase in traffic on http://gerbergear.com, a 350% increase in YouTube subscribers, 10% increase in Facebook friends, 14% increase in Twitter followers and 100% positive campaign feedback to date.
    It only made sense to put Gerber in the hands of actual problem solvers, people who face trouble every day. It was important to hero the knife banged up and used, showcasing its fundamental application in their lives. The provocative ads clearly communicated each person’s unique yet relatable connection with trouble.
    Mutt wanted to immerse users in the world of Gerber’s Unstoppable, an always-changing compilation of multimedia badassery. One major challenge was being able to easily update the site as the campaign evolved without de-prioritizing existing content. By using a centered grid and a parallax infinite scroll, each new piece of Unstoppable content is woven seamlessly into the existing story.