Health Canada 2

    Health Canada
    2 Awards of Excellence - Rx Club Show of  NYC 2013
    Health Canada has launched a national campaign on recalls and safety notices, Ogilvy signed. With the contribution of the commercial film director Christian Langlois this offensive tone playful encourages people to check consumer products around them have been recalled, with a tool posted on the Health Canada website under the URLThis allows you to view reminders and safety notices on health products, food, vehicles and other consumer goods. Theses photorealistic spots are created with mix media technics: film, computer animation, vfx...

    Announcer: Health Canada, Government of Canada - Clients: Karine Goneau-Lessard, Natalie Cusson, Lori Fraser - Agency: Ogilvy - Creative Director: Martin Gosselin - Creatives: Bernardo Andrada, Luc Dupéré - Copywriter: Gavin Drummond - Clientele Services: Lina Castrecheni Denis Piquette - Agency Electronic Producer : Johanne Gougeon - Film Director: Christian Langlois - Les Enfants - Executive Producer: Céline Ceillier - Les Enfants - Director of Photography: François Dutil - Set Designer : Danielle Labrie - Production Manager: Nicolas Bérubé - Production coordinator: Morgane Pearon - Les Enfants - Cut: Miguel Raymond - Post production and 3D animation: Gervais Deschênes - Fly Studio - Music: Michel Corriveau - Sound: Luc Prefontaine