Havyard Group - Conceptual Branding

    Conceptual Branding
  • Conceptual branding for The Havyard Group. The Havyard Group is a fully integrated shipbuilding enterprise. The Havyard Group is a part of the strong maritime cluster on the westcoast of Norway which has specializedin state-of-the-art offshore and fishing vessel technology. The group offers ship design, shipbuilding technology, ship equipment, systems and service to sailing ships world-wide. Their bold vision is to be: "The most innovative supplier of shipbuildingtechnology in the world"

  • Hayard Group logo animation

  • Animation presenting  the Havyard 858 Diving Support Vessel.

  • Havyard Times is the external magazine for the Havyard Group and its subsidiaries: Havyard Maritime, Havyard Leirvik, Havyard Powertec, Havyard International, Havyard Elektro, Havyard Trading and Havyard Arctic Technology. The magazine is published to give Havyard Groups customers an impression of their local, regional and worldwide activities.

  • Corporate website design: www.havyard.com

  • Ads

  • Visual identity; ConceptBridge - Sub-brand of The Havyard Group.