Hamilton Island: Website

  • Hamilton Island: An amazing holiday destination

    This was one of the first large website projects I designed whilst working at Arnold Furnace (aka The Furnace). The beautiful blue colour palette, clean fonts, striking visuals and use of white space all played to the relaxed atmosphere of the destination.  These designs extended to the Hamilton Island sub-sites, which remained consistent in styling, but differentiated in colour palette.

    Roles: Lead Designer, Art Direction
    Agency: Arnold Furnace • Client: Hamilton Island
  • - Hotel room layout with floorplan and video.
  • - Island and resort restaurant pages.
  • - Category landing pages included an interactive map.
  • - An adjoining island is used solely for the HI Golf Course. Pretty spectacular!
  • - The beauty and expanse of the HI Golf Club is visualised through video, photo and hole information.
  • - Now this is where you want your business conferences to take place!