Griff The Invisible teaser poster - Work for Indomina

  • Griff The Invisible Teaser Poster
  • This was a really really fun project. The poster was created to be used as a promo/teaser for the upcoming film, Griff The Invisible. Had some great art direction via Lauren Fisher at Indomina, a really great experience.

    I've included sketches and revisions from the creative process.
  • This was the final poster that was printed. A limited edition run of 300 was made, and are being distributed at SDCC.
  • Distressed/grunge version of the poster.
  • Another version of the poster that made it to final vectors, but wasn't used.
  • Play on the split/inverted idea.
  • Color rough.
  • Color rough.
  • Early concept sketch.
  • Concept sketch
  • And, while you're here, check out the trailer!