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  • During my last year in college we had to make a research in any subject we wanted, being very specific and write a book of 10.000 words. My goal was to make a research on contemporary poster design in Greece for cultural events, and i made this decision for two reasons. The first one refers to the fact that the bibliography for such a project was very little, and is related mainly to historic knowledge, very important as well. The second one refers to the influence of a poster, as a classical mean of communication  that rises much interest to me. So i grabbed the fact of the little bibliography about greek posters and i got connected with domestic designers, highly diverse, in order to get some answers of the following:

     What makes a poster succesfull, what is the difference between a sheet of white paper and a poster, what does the designer add and how will the public respond? Are there any distinguisable principles? What is the secret of the designers? Does the idea for a new poster arrive in a split second or is it a 'work of art', created through hours of refining? What are the possibilities? Clear design, powerful interaction between text and image or maybe a total different approach? Allowing the image to play the major role or typography? What is the relationship between poster and social-interactive media? How important are posters in societies?

    This book is mainly aimed at young graphic designers, students and not only, who love print design, who want to discover how a poster can make great power on people but at the same time this book is an anthology of the greek contemporary poster design, and in general graphic design.

    I would like to thank all these designers that accepted my request and showed much interest while trusted me. This book belongs to me and them at the same time.
    These alphabetically are:  Bend, Bios, Dimitris Arvanitis, Indyvisuals, k2 design, Mixalis Katzourakis, Mnp, One Man show, Prop4g4ndh4, Red Creative.

    i wanted to add many more greek designers, though i had a strict restriction of words from my college, hopefully this project will continue after that, so we will have the time by our side for more explorations.

    Middlesex university 
    Akto art and design college
    January 2012

    Tutor: Artemis Roussos

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