Gouseion - logo, album artwork, and promotional video

  • Gouseion - Puisne
  • We're very excited to finally publish and feature our latest work for the Nueva Forma electronic artist, Gouseion.

    This project consisted of a custom logotype, album artwork design, and a promotional animation spot to promote the re-release of his album, Puisne.

    We hope you like what you see and hear.


    Michael - Colorcubic™ | colorcubic.com
  • Gouseion - Puisne (promotional video spot)
  • Gouseion logo (rough sketch, brand styleguide, and final draft)
  •  Gouseion album art (pre-production + post-production)
  • Gouseion - Puisne (unused album art concept)
  • Gouseion - Puisne (promotional video spot style-frames)