Glass Magazine - Dreams

  • Glass Magazine - Dreams
    Spring 2011 - Issue 5 - Anniversary Issue
  • "Dreams are the driving force of the world. Progress, development and hope are all made possible by the existence of these notions, whether it be to propel artistic freedoms, push scientific frontiers or simply make the world a better place. Glass was also conceived as a dream, to inform, challenge and inspire and we proudly celebrate one year since our dream was realised. In the past four issues we have had the privilege of speaking to some of the greatest creative, scientific and humanitarian names of our time. From Alber Elbaz and Karl Lagerfeld to Maggie Cheung and Shigeru Ban, from Charlotte Rampling to Médecins Sans Frontiéres, Renzo Piano to UNICEF. We thought it fitting therefore, to dedicate this anniversary issue to the beauty of the dream. As such we have strived to collaborate with some of the most inspirational names, whose dreams have led them to become pioneers and progenitors in thought and deed. We begin by exploring an artform which has inspired and nurtured minds of millions, of all ages and cultures, that of literature. 

    We speak to some of its finest contemporary exponents; Junot Díaz, Isabel Allende, Russell Hoban, Liz Calder and two of China's pioneering female writers; Xu Xi and Xujun Eberlein, who each offer an unparalleled insight into their craft. Rarely does an institution change the way we see the world but the Magnum Photos co-operative has done just that. Four of Magnum's finest photographers talk us through the stunning, sometimes fearless, but always remarkably human photographs that have captivated for the last half century. In celebration of originality at its best Glass speaks with inimitable designer Yohji Yamamoto and bastions of luxury Louis Vuitton prove their admirable and surprising eco green credentials in an exclusive interview. 

    In a Glass first we photograph the best of the women's international collections across two continents. Photographer Trunk Xu shoots part one in Beijing, with Paul Scala picking up the baton in London. Neil Kirk captures the best of the men's Spring collections in his ever timeless fashion and Gregoire Vieille creates a story of sorcery for the most iconic men's watches. In muse we speak to art's latest provocateur, Toby Ziegler, on the literal art of recycling, China's most prolific female artist Yin Xiuzhen offers her thoughts on our increasingly globalised yet isolated society, and erudite legend Lois Dodd tells of life as a fledgling artist competing against the all-powerful Abstract Expressionists in 1950s New York. Art photographer Nadav Kander talks us through his stunning Yangtze River series and the legendary Peter Sculthorpe, considered the last great composer, reveals the life behind his esteemed repertoire. 

    Architectural protagonist Daniel Liebskind guides us through the atypical inspirations informing his revolutionary work and the world's leading expert on dreams challenges our understanding of consciousness. Living legend Sir Patrick Moore unravels the secrets of the universe and UNICEF director, David Bull, explains why we must never give up on a child's most basic dreams. Inspiration enough, we hope, to encourage and stir your own dreams and with any luck, to pursue them."
  • The fifth issue of Glass Magazine, themed “Dreams”, featured writers Junot Díaz, Russell Hoban, Liz Calder, Isabel Allende, Xujun Eberlein and Xu Xi; paid homage to Magnum Photos in interviews with Elliott Erwitt, Trent Parke, Christopher Anderson and the son of Werner Bischof; and included articles about Yohji Yamamoto, Patrick Moore, Daniel Libeskind, Peter Sculthorpe, Nadav Kander, Toby Ziegler, Yin Xiuzhen and Lois Dodd. The cover shows model Danni Li photographed by Trunk Xu.
  • Photograph by Trent Parke, “Australia, New South Wales, Bondi Beach, 2000”
  • “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Danni Li photographed by Trunk Xu
  • “Was it a vision or a waking dream?” – Chanel beauty collection, shot by Jason Hetherington
  • “Hope is a waking dream” – stylist David Nolan, photographer Neil Kirk
  • Sir Patrick Moore speaks to Glass on life, space and the possibility of dreams
  • Junot Díaz and the dreams of literature
  • Prada
  • Cartier Roadster LM Automatic in gold and steel
  • “Night Sky Loft” (1973) by Lois Dodd
  • Models Kim Koo and Stephanie Lee in a special fashion shoot for the Glass “Dreams” issue
  • Beauty section with make-up artist Jo Frost, using MAC PRO cosmetics and Sisley skin care
  • Nadav Kander’s “Long River” series, a document of mankind’s desire to procress, hailed by Kofi Annan as a service to humanity
  • “Moderation is a fatal thing” – Oscar Wilde
  • Louis Vuitton’s Fiesso d’Artico shoe workshop in Italy, and example of their environmental initiatives
  • Cartier High Jewellery collection: Snow Panther necklace in white gold, diamonds, emerald drops and onyx spots; Arlequin earrings in white gold and diamonds
  • Model Ramona at Next, make-up artist Jo Frost using MAC Pro
  • Interview with Yohji Yamamoto on how intelligent fashion can transcend sexuality,cultural boundaries and passing trends
  • Masthead