GLIZMORE - Ultimate Lifestyle

Created: 11/12/13
Last Edited: 12/02/13
Ultimate lifestyle statements for every single moment of your life! Glizmore offers a diverse range of products and designs coming at equally diverse costs to reach optimal customer satisfaction. DJIL envisions opening of 500 exclusive Glizmore Stores across 22 identified circles all over the nation where every circle will have 10 to 40 stores.

Any Glizmore store you walk into, you’ll find a signature of uniformity in the look, appeal and the shopping experience as the stores follow uniform brand-store guidelines and interior look.

Glizmore is also utilizing the most advanced online technology to ensure seamless connectivity; we will keep introducing new retail concepts and products online to keep you updated.

Entirely consumer driven, the trendsetters for Glizmore are its consumers, they are the ones who lead us to a customized approach towards product development. The brand stores’ retail experience would follow a uniform service and CRM approach which would be universal for every individual store, regardless of its geography.
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