Fotoskolan Göteborg

  • Fotoskolan Göteborg
    Fotoskolan Göteborg is one of Sweden’s oldest photography institutions. Currently part of Yrkeshögskolan Göteborg, the school offers a two-year practical education with a focus on providing a broad education within the field of photography.
    Wanting to emphasize the vast amount of work produced by the students, the school commissioned us to design and build a platform on which they, along with the students, could curate the work.
    Since the students would produce the main part of the content, it was natural to plan the website from a students point of view. This lead to our building of a portfolio network, where each student has their own personal page. Wanting to make the personal portfolios as useful as possible for the students, we decided to let the general design of the site to be as unbranded as possible. Considering that the school’s target group, including everyone from potential students to Art Directors and other creatives, often are mobile, it was necessary that the site would transcend gracefully to the mobile environment. This resulted in the development of the script ll.skala.js.
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