Created: 02/09/12
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Three name, logo and slogan suggestion for a finance administration software.
  • 3 suggestions for Lexware

  • These are three name / logo and slogan suggestions for a finance administration software. I made the suggestions for a contest by Lexware, Germany, December 2011. 

    The first suggestion:

    Name: "Finamics". A contraction of finance and dynamic/dynamics. 
    Slogan: "Agile Business Administration"
    Alt. slogan: "Solid Business Administration"

  • This is the second suggestion for the software. The logo is shaped like a calculator and the letters in the name are placed as if they where numbers/keys on the calculator.

    Name: "Procounting". A contraction of "professional" and "accounting".
    Slogan:  "Financials summed up"
    Alt. slogan: "Bottom line it's simple"

    The slogan is placed under a line inspired by the bottom line result in an account, balance sheet, or other financial document.
  • This is the third suggestion. 

    Name: "Accountance"
    Slogan: "Administration that pays off"
    Alt. slogan: "Count on it"

    I've used the a repetition of the stylized A mark as a discreet background pattern. 

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