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Created: 06/10/11
Last Edited: 02/14/13
Frame is an Online Design laboratory for a community of 3 kind of actors: the designers - the university - the industries -

Using the metaphor of the “laboratory”, Frame aims to create and support online design communities by offering collaboration tools and visibility to three categories of users: Designers, Universities and Companies.
Frame acts as an idea incubator and as a platform where designers can trace the creative process, deposit documentation and resources and visualize each step of a project's progress.

Each project is visualized as a polygon. Each face of the polygon represent a Project's team player and the colored aura, or "soul" around the project represents the activity level so that a user can quickly get visual feedback on the project status. Additional information, such as project description, is obtained by rolling over an inner side of a given polygon.

The interface provides with visualization options such as grouping modalities, chronological order, project families, etc.

As a collaborative platform Frame allow users to:

- Set their availability (i'm traveling in NY for a week and am available on the net to meet up and be
part of a specific task of the project process)
- Define and build an International project team according to required skill-sets
- Inspect the project process by accessing the information about the relation between people and documents in real time
- Access, as a project initiator (industry), the design process overview, with the possibility of leaving comments and ratings
- Develop their reputation based on publicly available evaluations and feedback from project leaders.

Frame was selected as one of the 5 most relevant projects by The "Ministero Italiano di Politiche e Sviluppo"- Rome
was exhibited at " La Triennale di Milano"- Milan
was exhibited at "Design in Mostra" - Naples
was written up on "Nova 24 del Sole 24" - insert on technology on Italian newspaper

Team members
Gianpaolo Tucci, Caterina Fiorentino, Mauro d'Alessandro, Claudio Moderini


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