Created: 11/05/12
Last Edited: 09/23/13
Ferrês is a business conglomerate whose main focus, or rather, its main income is from bucket rent for dumbsters, from construction sites for example. One goal of the company is to work in partnership with recycling companies where the whole cycle would be closed up. For example: The company would place buckets strategically located near the construction sites, it would be filled with materials such as iron and other debris recyclables, starting from this, the company would collect the bucket’s content and this would forward it to the company responsible for recycling the material. An ingenious process that involves a very organized operation so that everything works perfectly.

We received the task of developing the visual identity system for the company and with great responsability we took on the task. We strongly believe in the simplicity of design, and what you can do with it. Even nicer in obvious ways to reach unusual places, and this work is nothing more than the synthesis of this reasoning.

Abstracted forms the symbol of the bucket, a key part of the project and one of the materials that can fill the bucket: iron, this fact, its part of abstraction to the company’s name. Ferrês from Ferro(iron in portuguese), and all of its strength.

In summary, we have built a brand that is extremely simple, and is directly inside of itself, the main characteristics of the company.

  • Credits:
    Studio: BR/BAUEN
    Creative Direction / Design: Braz de Pina & Rodrigo Francisco
    Co-Creation and Naming: Absair Weston

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