• After a year in the making, Designers Against Child Slavery is proud to announce the release of its second exhibition entitled, "Episodes". Over the past 12 months, artists from around the world were challenged to create pieces of art based on the journey of a sex trafficking victim. DACS categorized this journey into three episodes: Coercion, Enslavement, and Restoration. Each artist was asked to illustrate one of the three episodes. The end result was a beautiful body of work that flows in chronological order, taking you on a journey through the eyes of a trafficking victim. DACS would like to highlight our featured artist, Francois Leroy.  

    You can read our feature and interview with Francois here. Furthermore, we would like to shed light on the efforts of  Rob Shields, Ars Thanea, Niklas Lundburg and Mart Biemans. Without the drive of all these artists, "Episodes" would not be nearly as thought provoking.  

    So with that, we invites you to take a journey through the eyes of a girl victimized by the commercial sex trade.


    John Mark Herskind
    Founder/Creative Director

  • Artist: Rob Shields
  • Artist: Francois Leroy

  • Artist: Grzegorz Domaradzki
  • Artist: Bram Vanhaeren
  • Artist:  Niklas Lundburg
  • Artist: Francois Leroy
  • Artist: Tarin Yuangtrakul
  • Alexis Marcou

  • Artist: Carole Wilmet
  • Artist: Mart Biemans
  • Agency: Ars Thanea
    Design Director: Peter Jaworowski 
    Lead 3D Artist: Piotr Kolus 
    Character Modeler: Marcin Klicki 
    Digital Artists: Michal Dziekan, Peter Jaworowski
  • Artist: Michal Dziekan
  • Artist: Cris Vector
  • Artist: Nathan Walker

  • Artist: David Delin
  • Artist: Richardo Juarez
  • Artist: Ranko Blazina
  • The NYC Exhibition:

    On October 1st, 2011, DACS, in partnership with The Blind Project, put on a live gallery exhibition to showcase the work of our DACS artists. All in all it was a great night, we had over 250 people show up and we raised over $15,000! On top of that the Red Bull Space offered to take some of the DACS work and represent us at Blooom 2011 in Cologne, Germany!

    We are so thankful for the support everyone has shown us and we look forward to next year!
  • Important Note to DACS artists who's work is displayed in this project: If you would like to be a co-owner in this project please add us to your inner circle and send us a message.
  • See the rest of the exhibition at www.dacsunited.com