Designquest : Integrated campaign

Created: 02/07/11
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Designquest, the brain child of Merry Men and Home Review Magazine is now into its 2nd year. This year's campaign thought was 'Open Your Mind' and designers were encouraged to share ideas, network, learn, travel to see things differently.
  • Designquest 2: an integrated campaign

  • After a fairly successful first year, Designquest: a contest cum online platform to find India's brightest designers was back. To emphasise the basic premise of winning such a contest and getting to travel to the world'smost renowned design exhib in Milan, we came up with the concept of - Open your mind. We set about translating into various pieces of communication that delivered the core promise. A website that allowed you to interact with other designers and open up possibilities, a registration kit with inspiration flash cards on everything a designer needed to know and so on.  Like the year before, the journey of the winners to Milan and in Milan was covered by a film crew and eventually aired as a 1 hour segment on tv. 

  • The Direct Mailer was designed like a box of flash cards or inspiration cards that creative people use to brainstorm. Shown here is the box. 
  • Students at design colleges checking out the inspiration cards
  • Website for participants to register online
  • After a month we finally had 20 of the brightest young minds in design under one roof- blue frog.   
  • Branding outside the venue
  • A presentation in progress. 
  • Winners presentation by the CEO of Hansgrohe
  • Designquest 2 in the news

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