• Everywhere In A Day – DHL Gifting Initiative

    The Brief
    In line with their new brand positioning as ‘International Specialists’, DHL wanted to create a multi-tiered
    gifting program to heighten customer engagement and build relationships with global consumers. 

    Engagement Strategy – P1 
    To reflect DHL’s understanding of global markets, we created ‘everywhere in a day’, a premium
    photographic book that promotes international talent and local knowledge. This would be sent as
    a gift to their top 10,000 customers.

    Within the book, each photograph is accompanied by a story, revealing the photographer’s insight into
    their chosen subject and world location. Following the course of a single day, the book offers an intimate portrait of a day in the life of our planet. 

    Engagement Strategy – P2
    A bookmark inside ‘everywhere in a day’ promotes a global photography competition for the following year. Continuing the theme, entrants are required to take a photograph on a specified day and submit it within a limited time frame. A wider multimedia campaign also promotes the competition, drawing attention to the countdown aspect. Winners will collect cash prizes and see their work published in the next edition.  
  • Both the slipcase and the book (300mm x 350mm) are finished to a high specification. The slipcase is made of a hard frosted plastic and incorporates two bold grey lines indicating longitude and latitude, meeting at a focus point on the world map. 
    The book has a matt white vinyl cover with the trjectory of the sun embossed across the spine and front/back covers. This theme continues inside. Next to each photograph, a circular graphic motif represents the sun's position, focus point and time of day the shot was taken. The cover title 'e
    verywhere in a day' is debossed with a white foil inlay and the outer yellow frame is printed in DHL yellow.
  • Inside spreads and close-ups
  • The 'everywhere in a day' microsite enables competition entrants to upload their pictures and view the work of other photographers around the world. 
  • Call to action – A magnetic bookmark alerts readers to the photography competition. 
  • Online Advertising – launching the competition
  • The microsite counts down to the competition start date before switching to a 24 hour clock indicating the time left to shoot. 
  • Global photography exhibition