Created: 05/14/12
Last Edited: 11/19/13
When originally asking the question “Have we intentionally set out to deceive you ?”

Where were these pictures taken? Is the year 1936? Is the location Nipomo, California?

It would of been entirely understandable for you to accept these statements as fact.
In particular if these images were printed on fine art paper and viewed in a gallery space.

With just a little deeper analysis, you become aware that this is in fact a fashion story from the modern era (the credits give this away).

That attempt of deception as to the origins of the image then totally erode away when viewing this work as digital media on an iPad. Or does it ?

Here we have yet another device, in this case a Tablet, that has aided the ease in which we are able to research, spread and digest information, both current and historical in reference. Lets remember the tablet has been around as a form of communication since biblical times, before paper existed.

Certainly there is something lacking from a electronic image which is apparent in a Silver Gelatin print, that of tactile “soul” . But we strongly believe both can and should co-exist side by side as important mediums for visual communication.

The Eye of the Beholder, originally shot for Riders-Moda in Italy, is featured in the May Edition of Creative Review iPad App. Scan the QR code to read the Blog & download the App.

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