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  • In an age when kids are spending so much time online, can we use a screen to foster creativity offline?

    Over the last 109 years, Crayola became one of the most recognizable brands in the lives of children around the world. Historically, the brand focused on the back-to-school season, but they evolved this identity in the late 2000′s to encourage creative activities throughout the year. Crayola’s positioning was transformed: from a supplier of art products to an ally for parents dedicated to championing creativity in children.

    Crayola needed a web presence to demonstrate its new vision. The existing site hadn’t undergone a full overhaul in several years, but with over 50,000 pages of content, we saw the potential for a site that was robust, unique and engaging. The challenge lay in presenting this content in a way that was intuitive, easily navigable and radiated Crayola’s unique voice, but—most importantly—helped parents get their kids exploring creativity away from the screen
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