Corporate & Brand Identity - Chempaq A/S, Denmark

    Chempaq was formed on a vision to redefine hematology testing through one single use self-contained cassette module. At the heart of the solution was a desire to make blood testing easy and convenient without compromising on accuracy and precision. It was important to the business that the way they communicated
    to the market reflected this vision of making life easier and more convenient for healthcare professionals as well as for patients. It was decided to refresh the identity to bring it in line with the vision.
    A whole new identity was created that took inspiration from their core area of expertise – blood testing.
    A new organic logo was produced consisting of a text element and a unique mark that in an abstract form represented a drop of blood. 

    The colours were clean and simple with red working as a highlight colour to capture peoples attention
    or point to certain important elements within communication. A bank of images were also created consisting
    of reportage style photography of the people and technicians behind the brand as well as a selection of abstract images of blood interacting with other liquids (a key part of the product functionality).