Created: 10/02/12
Last Edited: 10/21/14
Comma, a small entrepreneurial company from Denmark who currently is preparing a new innovative mens products launch – A home-use semen quality test which indicates the semen mobility with 98% accuracy. The appearance and functionality of the product corresponds to a common pregnancy test.

The company’s CEO approached School of Visual Communication in Denmark, and asked the students to create a comprehensive branding solution, visual communication strategy and packaging design for the new product.

Be the target groups first step towards the solution when having trouble conceiving.

The process of taking a semen quality test to be referred to a qualified fertility expert is metaphorically similar to the grammatical comma. A short break which leads the involuntary childless in the right direction, but never ends the process entirely. We therefore choose to replace the typographic comma in all our communication with the Comma packaging. Now, combined with motivational / light provocative copywriting, all the communication reflects the modern “error detection and correction” process of conception and encourages the target group to test themselves, in order to avoid becoming involuntary childless for the rest of their lives.

In addition to create a strong conceptual identity system, we have decided to establish an online community where involuntary childlessness can learn and share their experiences with equals, send readers letter to a professional semen analytics and study the topics latest research articles. In this way, Comma will not just be a provider of fertility product but a compassionate advisor which helps involuntary childless further towards conception.

Agency: School of Visual Communication
Client: Comma
Creative Field(s): Art Direction, Advertising, Branding, Concept Development, Copywriting, Digital Design, Editorial.
Team: Caroline Rosenkjær, Casper Holden, Christina Stougaard, Nicolai Henriksen, Thorbjørn Gudnason.
Type: Proposal (School Assignment)
Year: 2012

  • Stationary

  • Product / Semen Quality Test

  • Packaging

  • Home Delivery

  • Brochure

  • Webdesign

  • Website Presentation

  • iPhone Application

  • Magazine / Newspaper Campaign

  • Outdoor Campaign

  • Corporate Identity Poster

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