T.V. Burger King "Clive Owen"

  • How to explain what is impossible to explain? How to advertise admitting that advertising codes might not work? That was our challenge when we decided to face the task of changing Burger King positioning in our country. And as we knew it would be difficult, we brought up a Hollywood star to help us out.

    With Clive Owen here and after turning Madrid into a great Hollywood movie set and play with all advertising cliches that try to explain taste, we realized that the only way to do it was going to a Burger King and asking for one of its delicious burgers. Because our conclusion and their positioning 'Taste is here' is much more honest than any attempt to transmit that taste through the screen.

  • The Making of.

  • Spanish version 60"
  • The first Story Board

    Art Director: Antonio Castillo
    Writer: Lolo Ortega
    Agencia: La Despensa
    Digital Post production: El ranchito
    Productora: Agosto
    Director: Hugo Menduiña